Voice Acoustic CXN-16 Stage Monitor Loudspeakers

The CXN-16 is a multi-functional bi-amping high performance monitor. It’s appealing rounded shape let it integrate easily in any venue in an elegant and unobtrusive way. The CXN-16 has the world’s best size-weight-power ratio: 540 x 540 x 360 mm, 26 kg, 1.000 W AES, 101 db Sensitivity.

4 x 8″ equals 16″ and surpasses the capabilities of standard 15″ designs. Four separate 2,5″ woofer voice coils plus a dedicated 3″ horndriver provide much more space for heat dissipation and reduce powercompression. Amplifier power is used more efficiently.

A huge 1,4″ horn allows for a very low crossover frequency and precise directivity which is vital for clarity and a detailed response. To lower frequencies this precise directivity pattern is extended by the coupling of our 4 x 8″ design and results in an overall very far reach and off-axis rejection. You can pinpoint the sound where you want it.

Our 8″ woofers have a low moving mass and high sensitivity and react quicker than bigger speakers. Artists receive a very precise response and, more importantly, a well balanced tonal quality to avoid pitch issues and increase gain-before-feedback as much as possible.

The CXN-16 is operated in high-power-mode bi-amping on two channels (2.400 W + 800 W /4 Ω) of HDSP-6 or HDSP-4 amplifier. In half-power-mode it can connected bi-amping on two channels (800 W + 800 W /4 Ω) of HDSP-6 or HDSP-4. So are the 2.400 W channels of amplifier for example Subwoofer.

A CXN-16 bi-amping can be powered by a Voice-Acoustic self-powered subwoofer in half-powered mode. Impedance is LF 8 Ω and HF 16 Ω.

Technical Data

LF: 4 x 8″ Neodym woofer with 2,5″ voice coil
HF: 1 x 1,4″ Neodym compression driver with 3″ voice coil

Frequency range
63 Hz – 17,3 kHz (- 10 dB)
80 Hz – 14 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

Coverage range (h x v)
40° x 60° as Monitor

LF: 8 Ω
HF: 16 Ω

Powerhandling (AES / Program / Peak)
LF: 1.000 W / 2.000 W / 4.000 W
HF: 110 W / 220 W / 440 W

Sensitivity 1 W/1 m
LF: 101 dB SPL
HF: 111 dB SPL

Sound pressure at (AES / Program / Peak)
131 dB SPL / 134 dB SPL / 137 dB SPL

2 x NEUTRIK NL4 IN/OUT 1+/- (4-pole looped-through)

Polyurea coating in RAL 9005. Special colours also possible with Warnex textured paint

Dimensions / Weight
360 (H) x 540 (W) x 540 mm (D) / 25,6 kg

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