Aubern Table Microphone M-901

M-2002 Specification
POWERAC 220V ~240V/50~60Hz
Size485 x 340 x 88mm
Features :
There are 8485 communication signal input, can be connected to a 8 remote paging transmitter
2 Road 485 communication signal output. Connection with be radio control host
Can be realized on the DVD Player, radio player, MP3 Player, Power Management
Power Control and Is provided with a partition matrix partition control use
2 Audio signal output, 2 Short circuit signal output

Aubern Microphone AU-100

AU-100 adalah Satu Set perangkat Wireless Microphone beserta dengan Receivernya. Seri ini mengadopsi frekuensi UHF dari range 512 – 588 MHz. Microphone pada AU-100 dapat dicharge dengan Rechargeable Battery & dilengkapi dengan Charging Dock

AU-100 dilengkapi dengan Antena Receiver “True Diversity” yang mampu menerima pancaran sinyal dari jarak yang cukup jauh & stabil.

Receiving ChannelDual Channel
Frequency Stability± 0.005%
Carrier Wave Frequency BandUHF 512 – 588MHz
Modulation SystemFM
Vibration MethodPLL Phase Locking System Synthesis
Receive SensitivityDrift Rate is 25KHz, input is 5dBuV,

S/N > 60dB

Frequency Bandwidth50MHz
Max Drift Rate± 45KHz
S/N Ratio> 105dB
T.H.D< 0.7% @ 1 KHz
Frequency Response50Hz – 18KHz ±3dB
Effective Operating Range80m (Open Space)
Power SupplyDC 12V / 850mA
Size (mm)410 x 44 x 210mm
Gross Weight22,5kg

Aubern BCS-390 Series Conference System Set


  • Using Digital Technology as the Core, Built-in High Performance CPU.
  • The Audio Signal is processed by 32bit High-speed ?oating-point DSP, with a bandwidth of 20Hz – 20KHz, perfect and clear sound quality.
  • High-performance switching power supply, long-distance transmission will not have any impact on sound quality.
  • Anti-interference circuit design to prevent all mobile phone signal interference.
  • Comes with 2.8-inch LCD screen, independent key operation.
  • Four-way microphone connection, each support 30 units, 120 units can be connected, 12 chairman units.
  • Support cascading, which is convenient for multiple systems to be used at the same time and managed together.
  • With an alarm signal input interface, when the public broadcast alarm system is activated, the meeting can be automatically suspended and an alarm message will be sent to the participating units.
  • With central control code RS-232 interface, can be connected to central control system.
  • Multi-channel audio input and output interface, can be connected to sound reinforcement or recording equipment.
  • Multiple conference modes: FIFO (?rst in ?rst out mode), LIFO (last in ?rst out mode), FREE (full open mode), APPLY (application mode), C-ONLY (chairman mode).
  • Can set the number of speeches, automatic shutdown, time-limited shutdown, voice control speech and other functions.
  • Can be installed on a 19-inch standard cabinet, easy to store and keep.
SpecificationBCS-390 Control
Power SupplyAC110V-220V/SO Hz
Frequency Response20Hz – 20KHz
S/N Ratio> 96 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THO)< 0.05%
Cascade InterfaceRound DIN-8 Connector x 4
Computer InterfaceRS-232
Audio InputRCA x 2,6.3mm Socket x 1MIC
Audio OutputRCA x 2, 6.3mm Socket x 1XLR Socket xl
Dimension480 x 295 x 96mm
Gross We ight10 Kg
Phone6.3mm Socket x 1
Working VoltageDC24V
InputConnector8P-DIN T-type Line (Output also)
TypeCardioid Directional Electronic
Sensitivity– 47±3dB/Pa
Frequency ResponseSOHz – SKHz
Max.Microphone Sound Pressure Level110 dB (THO < 3%)
S/N Ratio> 80dB
Channel Crosstalk> 80 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THO)< 0,01%
External Dimension (Without Microphone Pole)145 x 110 x 4Smm
Gross Weight1Kg
ColourDark Gray
Installation MethodDesktop
Priority Key FunctionYesNo

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