Yealink Video Collaboration & Conferencing

Yealink merupakan salah satu penyedia alat – alat yang berspesialisasi dalam konferensi video, komunikasi suara, dan solusi kolaborasi dengan kualitas terbaik di kelasnya, teknologi inovatif, dan pengalaman ramah pengguna.  Yealink mengeluarkan produk untuk penunjang video konferensi dengan beberapa keluaran dan sudah terintegrasi dengan Cloud Management dan Server Meeting Room yang lebih memberikan solusi dan keragaman dari fitur-fitur sehingga membuat video konferensi lebih berpengalaman dan berkualitas.

Yealink VC200
Small and Huddle Rooms Collaboration 

VC200 merupakan Entry-Level Smart Video Conferencing Solution dari Yealink, dengan Ultra HD 4K kamera, dan 103° super wide angle lensa dan 6 susunan mikrofon direct voice dengan teknologi noise proof (anti bising), VC200 menghadirkan pengalaman audio & video terbaik, desain 6-in-one yang mengintegrasikan codec / kamera / mikrofon / braket / Wi-Fi /Bluetooth, dukungan presentasi nirkabel.

Kelebihan Yealink VC200

Kamera Ultra HD 4K dan lensa Super-wide Angle

  • Ultra HD 4K kamera supports 4x digital zoom and e-PTZ, dengan super-wide 103° horizontal field of view.
  • 1080P full HD video conferencing and H.265/HEVC codecs.

Suara Jernih dengan 6 Beamforming Microphone Arrays

  • Dengan teknologi Beamforming , 6 rangkaian mikrofon internal VC200 mendukung pengambilan suara terarah, memastikan suara yang lebih jelas dengan mengidentifikasi dan membandingkan suara secara otomatis.
  • Secara otomatis memfilter noise, dengan teknologi Yealink’s Smart Noise Proof, konferensi video bisa lebih terfokus.

Compact Design, 1 Minute Deployment

  • Dengan desain all-in-one dengan mengintegrasikan codec, kamera, mikrofon, dan braket, VC200 dapat dengan mudah dipasang di TV dengan ketebalan mulai dari 6mm hingga 50mm.

  • VC200 mendukung suplai PoE, sambungkan jaringan dan kabel HDMI yang siap digunakan untuk konferensi video.
  • Menggunakan OS Android dan antarmuka pengguna interaktif , VC200 menyediakan semua fungsi dengan operasi satu sentuhan.

Wireless Application, Clutter-free Meeting Room

  • VC200 dapat dengan mudah dihubungkan melalui Bluetooth atau Wi-Fi,
  • Dengan mikrofon nirkabel opsional, VC200 dapat memperluas jangkauan pengambilan suara.

Yealink VC500
Small and Medium Rooms Collaboration 

VC500 merupakan Smart Video Conferencing Solution dari Yealink, yang dioptimalkan untuk ruang rapat kecil dan menengah, Yealink VC500 menciptakan komunikasi yang nyata dengan menangkap semua peserta rapat di layar. Lensa sudut lebarnya menghadirkan semua orang dalam tampilan tanpa menyesuaikan kamera. Menampilkan Resolusi 1080P60, codec H.265 / HEVC, dan pilihan mikrofon yang fleksibel, VC500 menawarkan video HD dan
audio yang jernih, membuat konferensi video lebih natural. Dengan desain yang ramping dan Compact, VC500 membuat penerapan sederhana dan mudah dipasang di TV, membuat kerja tim lebih produktif dan mudah.

Kelebihan Yealink VC500

Lifelike Communication for Small and Medium Meeting Rooms

  • VC500 delivers a lifelike face-to-face conferencing experience for small and medium meeting rooms. Its wide-angle lens provides an expanded 83-degree horizontal field of view to ensure that everyone in the room is visible during the meeting. Equipped with a 1080P60 and 5X optical PTZ camera, VC500 offers a vivid image as well as a clear concentration.

Two Packages to Enhance Diversity

  • VC500 offers two packages to fit in diversified needs.
  • VC500-Wireless Micpod utilizes Yealink’s DECT technology, featuring two wireless microphones to optimize mobility within the meeting room by providing a stable voice transmission. Thanks to Yealink’s DECT technology, your table can be kept tidy and clutter-free.
  • VC500-VCM34-CTP20 includes a microphone featuring 360° omnidirectional high-quality voice pickup in radius of 6 meters and a touch panel which enables multi-party collaboration to upgrade users’ experience ssignificantly.

All-in-one Design Creates Simpler Deployment

  • Deployment is simpler than ever.  VC500 can be installed on top of the display, fits seamlessly on TV with thickness from 1mm to 77mm, making your meeting room clutter-free.
  • Yealink VC500 is a sleek, compact device including an integrated HD camera and a codec, only one standard network cable could connect TV area and conference table, saving more time and space for better communication.

Interaction and Collaboration Enhance the Conference Experience Comprehensively

  • Multiple participants can annotate content sharing at the same time, assisting high-efficient video conference.
  • Multi-party interaction on electronic whiteboard, real-time synchronization of each party’s writing track, and a variety of handwriting options all help to bring a better collaborative experience.
  • Supports local multi-screen interaction. Pairing with WPP20, users can easily realize reverse control of computer via touchable TV or CTP20.

Yealink VC800
Mid to Large Rooms Collaboration 

VC800 merupakan Smart Video Conferencing Solution dari Yealink. VC800 ideal untuk lingkungan ruang pertemuan sedang dan besar.  Menampilkan desain all-in-one dan teknologi video dan audio kelas satu yang membuat lebih mudah dan lebih efektif dalam Video Collaboration dan Conferencing.  Mengadopsi antarmuka pengguna yang intuitif yang membuat kontrol rapat lebih sederhana. Menampilkan suara H.265 / HEVC, Opus dan HD, Yealink VC800 memfasilitasi kolaborasi audio-visual yang lebih imersif. Dengan memanfaatkan Yealink Meeting Server (YMS), VC800 dengan mulus mendukung Penjadwalan Rapat dan Akses Rapat dengan Satu Sentuhan.

Kelebihan Yealink VC800

Satisfy Multipoint Conference Needs, Powerful MCU

  • Yealink VC800 room system is designed to solve small and medium company’s multi-party conference needs. Equipped with the powerful built-in MCU, Yealink VC800 supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity and it can be divided into 2 Virtual Meeting Rooms which perfectly meets modern workplace long-distance communication needs.

The Most Powerful Multi-Camera Solution Ever

  • The VC800 multi-camera solution enables up to 9 cameras to work at the same time. You can control each camera separately, put all cameras in one picture, or set certain picture larger/full screen. The deployment is simple by connecting VC800 and VCC22 cameras to PoE switch only with Ethernet cables, no need for extra power supplies for VCC22, or extra video matrix.

Interaction And Collaboration Enhance The Conference Experience Comprehensively

  • Multiple participants can annotate content sharing at the same time, assisting high-efficient video conference.
  • Multi-party interaction on electronic whiteboard, real-time synchronization of each party’s writing track, and a variety of handwriting options all help to bring a better collaborative experience.
  • Supports local multi-screen interaction. Paring with WPP20, users can easily realize reverse control of computer via touchable TV or CTP20.

6-Meter Full-Duplex High-Quality Sound Pickup, Smart Noise Proof

  • The microphone features 360 ° omnidirectional high-quality voice pickup in radius of 6 meters. By maximum cascade of four microphones, the voice pickup scope can be effectively expanded. Matching with Yealink MSpeaker, the audio effect would be more excellent.
  • Yealink patented smart noise proof technology eliminates the noise of keyboard, mouse click and other non-voice interference intelligently, making the communication more focused.

All-in-one Design Creates Easier Meeting Experience and Simpler Deployment

  • Yealink VC800 owns compact design which combines codec and camera together, only one standard RJ45 network cable could connect TV area and conference table.Brand-new intuitive user interface and touchable phone make meeting simpler to control.

Yealink CP960
Optima HD IP Conference Phone

The Yealink CP960 is an IP conference phone which comprises the power of the Android 5.1 operating system. With user-centric design philosophy, the Y-shape CP960 offers simplicity of use, making it perfect for any team environment – especially for medium to large conference rooms.

Yealink CP960 Key Features

  • Optimal HD audio, full duplex technology
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • 20-foot (6-meter) and 360-degree microphone pickup range
  • Two optional Wireless Expansion Microphones (CPW90)
  • Built-in 3-microphone array
  • 5-inch multi-touch screen with 720 x 1280 resolution
  • 5-way conference call
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz, 802.11.b/g/n/ac)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0

With HD audio quality, your conversation will sound natural and bright anywhere in the room. The elegant CP960 also allows you to connect an external loudspeaker to it if necessary. The Yealink CP960 provides an engaging business conference experience with an outstanding balance between ease-of-use and powerful features, delivering a smarter audio conferencing solution for your company.

Wide-Range Voice Pickup
Featuring 20 ft and 360 degree dead-zone-free voice pickup, the Yealink CP960 conference phone provides HD sound to both medium and large audio conferencing environments. An optional pair of Yealink wireless microphones can increase voice pickup distance to 60 ft, allowing every meeting participant to be involved and clearly heard within the meeting environment.

Ergonomic Design
Stylish and professional, the CP960 features metallic sliver and a UV process design, bringing an upscale touch to any meeting room. The five-inch high-resolution 1280 x 720 multi-touch screen puts fast and smooth controls at your fingertips, adding simplicity and comfort to the business conference experience.

Audio Features

  • Optimal HD audio
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • 20-foot (6-meter) microphone pickup range
  • Apply to medium to large conference room
  • Built-in 3-microphone array, 360-degree voice pickup
  • 56mm diameter and 10w speaker
  • Full-duplex speakerphone with AEC
  • Echo cancellation tail length is up to 320ms
  • Background noise suppression
  • Codecs: G722, G722.1C, G726, G729, G723, iLBC, Opus
  • DTMF: In-band, Out-of-band (RFC 2833) and SIP INFO

Phone Features

  • 1 VoIP account
  • Call hold, mute, DND, call recording, hotline
  • 5-way conference call
  • Redial, call waiting, emergency call
  • Call forward, call transfer, call return, dial plan
  • Ring tone selection/import/delete
  • Set date time manually or automatically
  • Volume adjustment
  • Pairing via Bluetooth/USB Micro-B port
  • External speaker connection via 3.5mm audio-out port
  • Create meeting directly
  • Join meeting seamlessly
  • Active


  • Local phonebook up to 1000 entries
  • XML/LDAP remote phonebook
  • Intelligent search method
  • Phonebook search/import/export
  • Call history: dialed/received/missed/forwarded
  • Black list

IP-PBX Features

  • Intercom
  • Multicast paging
  • Anonymous call
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Voice mail
  • Distinctive ringtone
  • Call pickup


  • 5” 720×1280 capacitive touch screen
  • Volume key
  • Home button


  • 1 x RJ45 10/100M Ethernet port
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz, 802.11.b/g/n/ac)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af ), class 4
  • 2 x Wired MIC port
  • 2 x USB 2.0 port
  • 1 x 3.5mm audio-out port
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Micro-B device port
  • 1 x Security slot

Network and Security

  • SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261)
  • SIP server redundancy supported
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • NAT traversal: STUN mode
  • Proxy mode and peer-to-peer SIP link mode
  • IP assignment: static/DHCP
  • HTTP/HTTPS web server
  • Time and date synchronisation using SNTP
  • UDP/TCP/DNS-SRV (RFC 3263)
  • QoS: 802.1p/Q tagging (VLAN), Layer 3 ToS, DSCP
  • SRTP for voice encryption
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • HTTPS certificate manager
  • AES encryption for configuration file
  • Digest authentication using MD5/MD5-sess
  • OpenVPN, IEEE802.1X


  • Configuration: browser/phone/auto-provision
  • Auto provision via FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS for mass deploy
  • Auto-provision with PnP
  • Zero-sp-touch, TR-069, SNMP
  • Reset to factory, reboot
  • Package tracing export, system log

Yealink CPW90
Wireless Expansion Mic for CP960

The Yealink CPW90 is a CP Wireless Expansion Mic which works as an audio input device for the Yealink CP960 conference phone. It features superior audio technology and supports 360-degree voice pickup range at a radius of up to 10 feet (3 meters) without any wiring troubles.

Yealink CPW90 Key Features

  • Optima HD voice
  • Full duplex technology
  • 10-foot (3-meter) 360° voice pickup
  • Capacitive mute touchpad
  • Echo cancellation
  • DECT Technology

The capacitive mute touchpad, combined with the flexible charger cradle, round out its user-friendly features. These features make the Yealink CPW90 Wireless Expansion Mic an ideal choice for organisations who need optimal microphone placement and wider room coverage.

Yealink CPW90 – Technical Specifications


  •  Optima HD voice
  • Full duplex technology
  • Muting the microphone with touchpad
  • 10-foot (3-meter) 360° voice pickup
  • Distance between CP960 and CPW90: 20 meters
  • 800mAh battery capacity
  • 19-hour talking time
  • 11-day standby time

Yealink UVC30
Smart Framing 4K USB Camera for Meeting Rooms

Yealink UVC30 4K USB Camera merupakan salah satu portfolio USB camera milik Yealink yang diposisikan sebagai USB camera profesional yang memang dikhususkan untuk kebutuhan video conferencing pada segmen enterprise. UVC30 tidak hanya memberikan kualitas gambar kelas terbaik dengan reproduksi warna alami, tetapi juga mengoptimalkan pengalaman pertemuan bagi pengguna. UVC30 mendukung banyak resolusi, termasuk 4K / 30FPS, 1080P / 60FPS dan 720P / 60FPS untuk beradaptasi dengan berbagai tampilan dan aplikasi.Ideal untuk peningkatan efisiensi kerja petugas kesehatan, guru, presenter, dll. Gambar video berkualitas tinggi membantu meningkatkan pengalaman rapat dan efisiensi kerja.

Kelebihan Yealink UVC30

Pengalaman Rapat yang Cerdas – 120° FoV | Auto-framing

  • Berdasarkan deteksi wajah, UVC30 mampu melakukan pembingkaian otomatis untuk membingkai orang di ruangan dengan lancar dan tepat, menghadirkan pengalaman pertemuan yang lebih cerdas bagi pengguna.Berkat 120 ° FoV, UVC30 memastikan bahwa semua orang dan seluruh gambar tertutup dan memberikan pengalaman pertemuan yang lebih mendalam.

Windows Hello

  • Disertifikasi oleh Microsoft Windows Hello, UVC30 mendukung pengenalan wajah pintar untuk Windows Hello. Cukup lihat ke arah UVC30 untuk menyelesaikan login.

Dengar dengan Jelas – Mikrofon Tertanam

  • Mikrofon yang dibenamkan dengan UVC30 ini mampu mengambil suara berkisar hingga 150 ° / 6,6 kaki, memungkinkan Anda untuk didengar dengan jelas sambil mencapai tujuan hemat-ruang.

Kemudahan Penempatan – Yealink USB Connect – Alat Penempatan

  • Yealink menyediakan Yealink USB Connect secara gratis untuk menyederhanakan proses pengelolaan perangkat USB Yealink pada kamera. Yealink Connect menghadirkan sejumlah kemampuan untuk memantau penggunaan, mengakses informasi perangkat, melakukan diagnosa jarak jauh dan melakukan pembaruan firmware.

Yealink UVC30-Desktop Features:

  • Microsoft and Zoom certified
  • 4k UHD webcam with 3x digital zoom
  • Mounts on display for convenience
  • Plug-and-play USB connectivity via integrated 1.6m cable
  • High frame rate (30fps @ 4k, 60fps @ 1080p/720p)
  • Wide dynamic range, auto exposure, auto white balance
  • 2.22mm lens with ultra-wide 120° field of view
  • Supports Windows Hello secure login

Yealink CP900
Premium Level Portable Speakerphone

The Yealink CP900 is the high-performance portable USB/Bluetooth speakerphone with crystal clear sound quality, ideal for on-the-go that is flexible and scalable for the meetings of up to 6 people. Yealink CP900 rewards you with a trouble-free plug and play connectivity that you can connect it to your PC, tablet and smartphone via Bluetooth wireless pairing and USB wired connection. To let you feel free to sit at any end of the table or walk around your office room, CP900 packs itself with Yealink HD voice quality. Wrap the CP900 with the 6-microphone beamforming array, full-duplex technology and the Yealink audio algorithms, we have crafted an elaborate speakerphone experience for you indeed, including the 360-degree voice pick-up ability and the best echo cancellation which always keeps you staying focused on your meeting. To let your meeting on the go, CP900 not only owns a premium battery life with 12-hour talk time, but also a protective zipper bag. Yealink CP900 is your speakerphone that presents the immersive sound for either calls or music and makes the call controls accessible on CP900 itself directly.

Yealink CP900 Key Features

• Premium HD Voice for calls and music
• 6.5-foot (two-meter) 360-degree microphone pickup range
• Six-microphone beamforming array for full-duplex experience
• USB or Bluetooth connectivity for notebooks, smartphones and tablets
• Portable design

Portable design
Mobile, elegant and light (320g) design, the CP900 is ideal for on-the-go business professionals for storage in a suitcase.

High-quality audio
Wideband audio, HD voice and six-microphone beamforming for a premium full-duplex experience all
make it easier to be heard and involved in the meeting.
Enjoy crystal-clear sound thanks to Yealink’s distraction-free HD audio technology, which includes AEC, NS and DSP

Ease of connection
Simple plug-and-play USB or Bluetooth connections to computers, smartphones and tablets.

Touchable smart button
Multiple buttons for full call-control compatibility offer a low-learning-cost experience and call effectiveness.
Deep integration with Microsoft Teams includes a dedicated Teams button, making it easier for users to achieve Teams collaboration.

Product Features
• 8 touch buttons
• High-quality audio- Wideband audio, HD voice, and six-microphone beamforming for a premium full-duplex experience
• Low learning cost
• Premium HD Voice for calls and music
• 6.5-foot (two-meter) 360-degree microphone pickup range
• USB or Bluetooth connectivity for notebooks, smartphones and tablets
• Portable design- Mobile, elegant, and light. Ideal for on-the-go business professionals for storage in a suitcase
• Compatible with T53, T53W, T54W, T55, and T57W phones if running V85 firmware

Product Specifications
• Capacity: 3.85V/2450mAh
• Charging time/power: 5 hours (USB 5V/500mA)
• Talk time: 12 hours
• Standby time: 450 days

• Type: MEMS MIC (Analog)
• Sensitivity: -42dB re. 1V/Pa
• Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): +59 dB
• Frequency range – Conference mode: USB mode & Bluetooth mode 115 Hz to 7 KHz

• Peak output power: 7W
• Root Mean Square (RMS): 3W
• Sensitivity: 82 dB SPL +/-3dB SPL @1m, 1W
• Frequency Range:
• Conference mode: USB mode & Bluetooth mode 100 Hz to 8 KHz
• Music mode: USB mode 115 Hz to 16 KHz
• Bluetooth mode 115 Hz to 8 KHz

• Optima HD voice
• Microphone pickup 2 meters
• Full-duplex technology
• Noise suppression (NS)
• Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
• Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)

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